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Hilton Homeplace 
for local handmade pottery
The Hilton Homeplace Gallery is open weekends from 10am-5pm and during the week by appointment.

B.R. Hilton Pottery
4026 Old State Road Newton, NC  28658
(704) 462-1304

For more Information & Directions Visit:

To honor heritage, family, and a lifetime of great cooks we have compiled our favorite recipes and created a cookbook available for purchase at the Hilton Homeplace, stop by and pick up a great gift for those on your list this Holiday! 

Author Linda Hilton Long will be on site during the 11th Annual Pottery Sale on October 11th 2014 to autograph copies of the Hilton Homeplace Cookbook

11th Annual HiltonHomeplace Pottery Sale
October 11,2014 we will welcome you back to the Hilton Homeplace show and sale, but this year is not going to be our normal show. Our 2014 show is dedicated to the memory of IRENE LEATHERMAN HATLEY, potter and painter who passed away this year. In addition to the loss of Irene, we've battled (and continue to battle...) two cancers, illness, hospital scares, surgery, and radiation treatments within our extended family. This has drastically impacted the pot creation time.

Family is FIRST above all else, consequently we will not have our normal quantities or displays. John, Sybil, BR, and Heather will have pots available from the gallery. Crouse Pottery, Lloyd Hatley, and Linda H. Long (signing cook books) will be scattered around the yard. Your continued support and understanding will be genuinely appreciated.

We hope and pray that 2015 will be a better year and we can return production to previous levels. We are looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks (Saturday October 11, 2014) for this year’s show. Next year the show will be held the second Saturday of October as usual (October 10, 2015). We anticipate your returning to visit, celebrate life, and see our new pieces in 2015. As a reminder, the gallery is open year-round for your gift purchasing. Thank you for allowing us to meet your needs now and in the future.
- BR Hilton

 Check out Artists on site for our Show October 11th, 2014
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